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Terms & Conditions

Removals in Norwich the Professional way


Loads4Less are a company which prides itself on customer service and exceptional value for money, getting your items from A to B with great care and reliability. While we take all precautions to complete your removal or delivery on the time and date quoted, there are some circumstances outside of our control which may delay the time on the day, and in extreme circumstances, such as extreme weather conditions, could postpone the job until a later date.

By accepting any quotation by Loads4Less you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions for your move.

1) Please note that calls may be recorded for training and quality monitoring purposes.

2) All quotes will be confirmed before the date of your move and are valid for up to 30 days. Please note that all quotes are based on the information provided by yourself. Any information Loads4Less deem to be incorrect or excluded during the job description may incur additional charges. It is important that any issues such as parking or access issues are disclosed to our team during quotation to provide an accurate quotation to yourself. If we require a parking permit for your area it is your responsibility to provide this to us. If you do not have a permit our team may have to park further away which could cause further charges to you unless previously advised at quotation stage. If you ask our team to park in locations which require a permit but cannot provide a valid permit we will ask you to sign a disclaimer and any fines received will be charged to the customer.

3) Local removals are quoted on an hourly rate unless previously agreed in writing by Loads4Less. Hourly rate removals are estimated on hours based on the information provided by yourself, but we cannot guarantee that they will be exact as can be affected by adverse conditions, including, but not limited to, road conditions, access issues and our customers being organised and ready to go. Any waiting time, e.g. waiting for keys, will be charged at the same hourly rate. We charge in full hourly blocks for your move.

4) National removals are quoted on a fixed rate unless previously agreed in writing by Loads4Less. National rate removals are estimated based on the information provided by yourself. Should there be changes to the quoted work such as additional pick up or drop off addresses then this may incur additional charges. We ask our customers to be organised and ready to go upon our arrival. Loads4Less reserve the right to apply a surcharge should our customers be disorganised on arrival and as a result takes additional time to load and unload. Included in your quotation is a 30 minute waiting period as standard. However, if the team are waiting for over 30 minutes, whether for keys or any other reason, any additional waiting time is charged in 30 minute blocks of £20 per 30 minutes. Our team will ask for payment in full prior to unloading the vehicle. Please note that this will not affect any rights to yourself to make complaints, and in the event that any discount is offered as a result, this will be refunded to you.

5) As Loads4Less are a commercial company we are unable to go to the local tip. We have a valid waste carriage licence, but need to use private tips in the event of disposal. Disposal will be charged on a van load or half van load basis. Loads4Less try to be an environmentally friendly company wherever possible and will repair, recycle and upcycle items wherever possible. As a result, any items which a customer contracts Loads4Less to dispose of or recycle will be deemed property of Loads4Less once it has been collected. As part of being an environmentally friendly company, Loads4Less will then take appropriate action to recycle items wherever possible.

6) On booking we will require a deposit to secure any appointments. This deposit is non-refundable, though Loads4Less will place your appointment on hold for up to 30 days should you wish to cancel or rearrange any appointments. Once this period has passed then we will require another deposit to arrange any further appointments. This deposit cannot be transferred to another customer.

7) Loads4Less can take cash, card and BACS payments for any deposit or balance payments.

8) For any appointments to be rearranged Loads4Less require at least 24 hours’ notice, and cannot guarantee that your requested date to rearrange to will be available, in which case the deposit will be lost. If Loads4Less are not provided with at least 24 hours notice then you may incur additional charges, including but not limited to, the loss of deposit.

9) Loads4Less reserve the right to refuse work or abandon jobs in circumstances which they feel is unsafe or unreasonable to ask our employees to operate. This includes, but is not limited to, extreme unhygienic environments and sites deemed dangerous by our employees. At this period the job will be abandoned and any deposit will not be returned.

10) While Loads4Less pride themselves on their timekeeping and service, there may be circumstances outside of Loads4Less’ control which cause changes to our schedule. At which time, Loads4Less will do their utmost to ensure you are kept informed at all times. Loads4Less are unable to guarantee a time of arrival unless it is the first job of the day. Loads4Less reserve the right to, under rare circumstances, cancel jobs if they are unable to attend the booked appointment, at which time Loads4Less will provide as much notice as they are able and offer to rearrange the appointment.

11) Although Loads4Less are proud to be able to assist their customers with any dismantling and reassembling, this may incur additional charges for national moves if this has not been included in your quotation.

12) It is the customers responsibility to arrange for parking as close to the property as possible, whether this be reserved using their own vehicle or by contacting the relevant local council to arrange a parking suspension. In the rare circumstance that our customer is unable to provide parking close to the property on the day of the removal this may incur additional costs added to the outstanding balance.

13) Loads4Less may ask you to sign a disclaimer in certain situations, these include but are not limited to:

    • a. If we believe certain items may not fit into your new property. Loads4Less will only attempt to force items into your new property if requested, but will require a signed disclaimer stating that this is at your request and we cannot be liable for any damage during this process.
    • b. If Loads4Less believe an item to be dismantled or reassembled is non-standard or is outside our scope of usual work. Although Loads4Less will attempt to assist with any dismantling or reassembling of items, there are some items we are unable to insure as these would be considered outside our usual scope of work. This will also extend to disconnecting of certain appliances.
    • c. Should you have items which will require specialist tradesman then please inform Loads4Less prior to your move. Loads4Less may be able to assist with supplying a tradesman.

14) Any outstanding balance is to be paid on completion of the work to our team unless otherwise agreed in writing prior to your move. Under some circumstances we will ask for the outstanding balance to be paid prior to unloading items from our vehicle. We reserve the right to withhold goods until full payment has been taken, where storage charges may be incurred.

15) On completion of a removal and again at the end of the day our team will sweep out our vehicles used to ensure there has been no goods left behind. Under the rare and unfortunate circumstance that items are discovered during this process, we shall contact you to advise of this and arrange return in a cost effective and efficient manner. If these are not claimed within a month then these will be deemed lost property and property of Loads4Less as a result.

16) Our vehicles are insured for goods in transit for a value up to £10,000 per van load, hire and reward. We also carry public liability insurance, employer insurance and a waste carriage licence. This insurance is included in any quotation by Loads4Less. Loads4Less will ask customers to pay the excess payment of £1000 in the unlikely and unfortunate event of any claim. Please note that all insurances do not apply if the vehicle is loaded and unloaded by anyone who is not a member of the Loads4Less team, e.g. in a one man move where assistance may be provided by the customer to load and unload the vehicle.

17) It is an insurance requirement that the customer, or an approved representative of, be present at both the pick up and drop off locations.

18) Should you feel that this insurance is not sufficient for your goods and require additional insurance then this is your responsibility to take out. Please note that certain items are not covered by our insurance which can be found at the bottom of our terms and conditions.

Although over 98% of Loads4Less customers rated the service received as either ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, there are occasions where mistakes can happen. In the unlikely and unfortunate incident where you have a grievance, please see below for a brief overview and full complaints procedure is available on request.

1) Before Loads4Less are able to process any complaints we require full balance payment to be complete, this will be expected as usual on completion of the work. However, it is important to note that you have the facility, and you must use this, to report any grievances on the client feedback form our operatives will ask you to sign. You must note these on this form and bring your complaint to the attention of the team before they leave site.

2) Loads4Less will ask you to submit your complaint in writing, via letter or email, along with any evidence you are able to provide. Please submit as much evidence as possible of your grievance, and, if applicable, please provide proof of purchase for any items which have allegedly been damaged. Loads4Less will endeavour to acknowledge this within the first working day of receipt.

3) Loads4Less may require a surveyors visit to assess any alleged damage, which will be arranged at the earliest convenience once your complaint has been received.

4) Loads4Less will respond to your complaint within 14 working days with a proposed resolution.

5) Please note that in the event of any 3rd party requirements for the resolution Loads4Less, including but not limited to insurers and suppliers, are unable to guarantee a timeline to the full resolution, though will do their best to provide an estimated timeline at the earliest possible point.

6) Should your complaint be referred to our insurers then their decision will be final, subject to their own surveyors visit and judgement from evidence provided.

Although Loads4Less will attempt to move all items safely and securely for you, please note that the following items are not covered under our insurance, and so we cannot accept any liability when moving them:

A: Items of furniture which have been made from flat pack kits.

B: Items previously dismantled upon arrival.

C: Any boxed items not packed by the Loads4less packing team. Although every care will be taken to ensure that all boxes are treated and loaded as fragile merchandise. Inc. Pictures, mirrors, glass ware, antiques, china, electrical items, appliances or any fragile items that need special wrapping/packaging, etc.

D: Jewellery and personal documents. Please make sure these items are taken separately.

E: Walls/ doors/ floors within the property. The utmost care is taken whilst moving items in and out of your property, however if you have any issues please make it known to a Loads4less member and on the client report form.

F: Any electrical items which have not been verified as working prior to the move by a member of the Loads4Less team.

G: Any larger items which are fragile which are not packed by Loads4Less, this includes mirrors, plant pots and their contents, etc.